We are not only highly experienced but also well connected in European markets as well as in other parts of the world.

We can assist you with:jhh

Investment Advisory:

  • Due diligence and collecting necessary information, project appraisals, risks identifications and all other assistance to evaluate and give you a feed back on your proposed investments and related risks and rewards.
  • Preparation of detailed project reports and business valuations.
  • Identifying and evaluation investment opportunities.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers.
  • Other ancillary services.

Corporate finance:

  • Assistance in preparation of project reports and business plans.
  • Assistance in arranging finance from banks and other financial institutions.
  • Assistance in arranging private finance.
  • Assistance in arranging equity finance.
  • Assistance in locating an intending buyer.
  • Assets based finance.

Please let us have the details of you requirements to enable us to suggest you an appropriate solution.