With tight internal controls and ensuring full safeguards in place, We offer the following fiduciary services:

* Provision of Nominee ShareholdersFiduciary and Corporate Advisory Services by Crestpro
* Provision of Registered Office
* Appointment of Corporate Directors
* Appointment of Corporate Secretary
* Appointment of Bank Signatories

Corporate Advisory Services:

  • Corporate governance

In order to enable our client’s to run their business smoothly, We assist them to structure the management bodies of their companies in such a way as to ensure that they are both legally compliant and that their decisions are legally valid and enforceable.

  • Commercial contracts

We assist our client’s in preparing and reviewing for them commercial contracts that would protect the interests of their business.

  • Shareholder agreements

We advise our client’s the ways to protect their business interests and assist them in drafting the shareholder’s agreement to make sure that they and their partners agree on all material aspects of the business cooperation and so avoid disputes in the future, and propose a number of dispute resolution options.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

In case of mergers and acquisitions, We are able to:
• Advise you on the methods to minimize your commercial risks in the proposed transaction, and
• Assist you to draft, negotiate, execute and file all required documents to make sure that the transaction is legally valid and completed.

  • Intellectual property

Our experts are able to assist you to protect your business brand by applying for trademark registration for your business brand in Europe and other parts of the World.